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Rise of the Rune Lords

Character creation

Stats - 22pt buy

Books -
Bestiary 1-4 (playable races only)
Advanced Players Guide
Advanced Class Guide
Advanced Race Guide
Ultimate Magic
Ultimate Combat
Gamemastery Guide

Some of the features from the but please ask first.

You can select 2 traits but one must be from the players guide found here

The PFSRD has some nice alternative favoured class bonuses, let me know before selecting one.
There is a more balanced version of the Barbarian, Monk and the Rogue called UNCHAINED, look them up before you make your choice.



Die Vecna, die

The story so far

Whilst in Sandpoint the hero's were enjoying the festivities of the Swallowtail Festival when goblins raided the town, helping to put them down the hero's were hailed as just that, Hero's. Over the next few days the party were treated to a number of "freebies", then a visitor arrives in town. An elf named Shalelu who tells the PC's that in the district there are five clans of goblins, usually they squabble amongst themselves and need no real watching over, but, this raid involved members of all five clans. When the local Innkeeper went missing the party were asked to investigate a note left by her, the local glassworks was where she was to meet her brother. At this factory the party found more goblins, they also found a link to the five tribes. Tsuto (the brother) had a boss, Naulia, this Naulia was responsible for the raid.


Die Vecna, die