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Monster of the week party diary 5

Monster of the week – episode 5 : winds of change.

With jaspa and John Smith still missing in action, the remaining gang are dealing with an influx of tourists coming to see the spooky sights, and reports of ufos seen in Drakewood. Tanya predicts that the tourists will be the cause of the next monster attack, but they have time to prepare. They briefly visit akane but she is unable to provide any additional information to them.

The next stop is to the top of drakewood Hill itself where they investigate but they can only make basic preparations and try to stop people turning up. Doe contacts agent Ross and makes arrangements for orpheus to stop tourists from accessing the hiking trail.

The group heads to the drakewood supernatural investigation club, after persuading them to give their address. The group discovers that the club were the ones helping to spread the information . They show amateur footage of the jorogumo fleeing the office space, and a second clip of a shadowy UFO moving fast near drakewood Hill.

They next visit koji to see if he knows anything about past events relevant to the drakewood Hill, he gives them a name to research at the historical society – thadeus parks. The research informs them that he was a mass murderer of tourists in the 1800’s and that his envious nature could be the connection.

That night, the group accompany the investigation club to the hill under the guise of filming a tv show. At 2 am the winds pick up, and Jennifer, the camera woman, is killed by wind force. The group trap, pull down, and banish a crow like monster. The club are return home as the group performs a potent ritual to bring her back. However she returns with a potential magical weapon as yet another chosen one.

They drop her off at the speakeasy to get filled in, and akane gives them a freebie, the monster in question could only be a tengu, that needs to be killed with special wooden weapons and electricity. Returning to the club, doe intimidates them into keeping quiet and staying away from real monsters.

The next day, Tanya gets the group a contact to get hold of wooden weapons. The group meet with a monk, to which doe feels some unease. He offers a trade, the weapons for the clearing out of a property for his order. The group deal with an arrogant shapeshifting tanuki and get the weapons from the monk, ren, of the order of crimson.

Also, agent Joshua black requests the location of the arcane library in exchange for the help from orpheus and some useful technology. Doe agrees and gains a favor from black to sweeten the deal.

The group take one more night to prepare, by focusing on just banishing the tengu temporarily. The next day, Ross informs the group that orpheus will provide support at the hill. They also get koji to help lure the tengu to an indoor area. They reconvene at the top of the hill and create a portal to a warehouse in Germany. They force it in and engage in a protracted battle,  until a orpheus helicopter fires a large electro weapon to stop the tengu.

Tanya is, through the use of magic, given a new base in the cave where she can work in private. And the group take time to recover and rest.

In the library, they find jaspa’s book, open to a single page displaying the kanji for “kami”, or god.

With secrets revealed and the threat of fighting a god, can the group pull it off and survive? Just how do you beat a god? Who’s been narrating this whole time?

Find out in the finale of Monster of the week : drakewood – episode 6 : endings, beginnings, gods.