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Monster of the week party diary 4

Monster of the week: Episode 4 – family ties that bind


With jaspa and John Smith absent, the gang find themself with some free time. A visit from Tanya confirms a lack of present danger, and leaves after a game of poker. Previously John doe had met with the headmistress of the school who gave him a sense of deep unease. That night, the group are awakened to a sense of dread, only to find the office space that Tanya uses to be ablaze. Doe investigates and finds the conspiracy wall destroyed and signs of struggle, and sees a dark mass flee towards the woods. The group separately rushes to her aid and reunites to a burst of holy fire, as Tanya was protected by a man names Alexander, current wielder of excaliber. Tanya describes a large black mass attacking her and struggling with her, but wasn’t aware of the origins of the flames.

Retreating to the safety of the library, the next day doe calls agent Ross to mend bridges and warn, but gets apparently nowhere. They investigate the burned building and gather clues, and report to akane. They find the speakeasy in chaos with the arrival of the Greek god dionysis sending the party out control, games quick thinking sends him to the Christian idea of heaven.

During a investigation by doe, he assumes the form of agent Ross, only to be confronted by his associate, agent Joshua black. Unfortunately agent Ross is not far away but black is tricked into thinking the real Ross is a fake. And then flees. Tanya creates a small board to work, and finds them a task tomorrow.

Later in the speakeasy, akane gathers the information and offers the group advice in exchange for stealing a crate from a warehouse. The gang agree and get to work infiltrating. Though they get the crate put ok, they are confronted by alphonse inuchi, imp associated local crime boss. After a confrontation, gunfight, and impromptu skydive the group leave on neutral terms.

The group learn they are most likely dealing with a jorogumo. A shapeshifting spider who acts as a literal black widow.  And that the bug sprayer they have will finally be of use . And that a whale bone weapon would be of use to them.

The gang organise a heist to enter a museum in the city to the west and steal a bone from the blue whale exhibit and get to work. Though the entry isn’t perfect, Barrys magical expertise makes the job far easier and they get in and out.

With the guidance of Tanya, the group head to a park to meet the client,  Stacy. Who suspect her step mother to be a monster slowly killing her father. The group research the home and learn of a magic needle acting as a battery of sorts for the drained life.

The group set a trap,  lured in the disguised monster and got to battle. The battle is protracted and hard fought, eventually agents Ross and black turn up in a large truck and bring out some big guns to weaken it and leave it vulnerable.

The group and agents talk for real and honestly. The agents reveal themselves to be members of “orpheus” a branch of the government specialised in fighting monsters and the two teams agree to be less hostile toward each other.


Will alliances built on secrecy last? What were our missing members up to in the free time? Are there some things you just can’t fight?

Find out in Monster of the week : drakewood – episode 5 : the winds of change