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Monster of the week party diary 3

M.O.T.W Drakewood : episode 3 – Broken bones and broken spirits

Our heroes find that the mysterious woman that had been guiding them so far was requesting a meeting. Upon entering they find a vast conspiracy wall with information even pertaining to them. She introduces herself as Tanya bauxmant, and though at least a bit crazy, proved to have premonition abilities, and attended the same institution as jaspa. She reveals herself to be very wealthy, and offers to finance the group from then on. Naturally they agree.

Within days she comes to the door to tell the group of an annual summer party taking place near drakewood Hill, and tells them to await a new ally there. Arriving at the setup, jaspa gives in to his dark side and goes off to do drugs. The remaining group meet with “John smith” a cult escapee with a destiny he doesn’t want, and he joins the team. John doe meanwhile finds a blocked cave entrance, but before much else could be investigated, the unexpected arrival or agent Ross causes chaos. Most of the group flees, but in panic, Barry shoots Ross but it hits a bulletproof vest, he and gabe are arrested.

As “John Smith” debates his enthusiasm and motivations to the group, Barry and gabe conduct a magic prison break, going to the speakeasy to get disguises and then fleeing home. The group agree to research the location, and attempt to gather information from akane the next day.

Some of the team find the office under surveillance and agent Ross joined by a man with a metal arm. They briefly confront and convince Ross to ignore them, and they keep access to the office.

Later, John doe calls Ross and attempts to reason with him, but his nature and choice of words causes the agent to hang up.

The next day, the group heard of a rookie team of supernatural investigators, the drakewood supernatural investigation society, and intend to film a show at the party. The location research team discover a pattern of violence every 30 years, originating from a violent strike breaking incident in the early 1800s. The akane team, after some sprite pest control discover the source of the violence is likely an oni, and could be dispatched via soy beans, holly, and monkey paraphernalia.

Gabe and Barry try to dissuade the research group with magic, but the plan proves mostly ineffective, So settle with damaging the equipment they have.

That night, with costumes, loud music and various magical accoutrements the team lure the oni out and into a trap. The violent ogre like beast badly wounds the group, but doe lands a killing blow. The team excorise ghosts lingering in the area, and as the research group shows up, doe scares them off with his shapeshifting.

The team visit koji to discuss some magical issues encountered, and learn about his ability to transcend time and space. The meeting is cut short as agents arrive at koji’s mansion, and he helps the team flee via magic.


With our team finally whole, will things get easier? With the government closing in, can the team act freely? Can they avoid collateral damage?  Do emotions cause misinformation or do dark deeds come from those closest to us?

Find out in M.O.T.W Drakewood : Episode 4 – Family ties that bind.