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Monster of the week party diary 2

M.O.T.W drakewood : Episode 2 – what lies in sleep.

Our team of hunters, jaspa, John and gabe start a new week  in Drakewood. Jaspa wanders the street and finds a mysterious arcane library, to which he gains mystical possession over. As the group meet at the office, they find a new ally in the wizard spell slinger Barry who joins the party. The group also are interrupted by the arrival of a government agent, agent Ross, who arrives and questions the group about the activity around the tin mine.

Soon after the landlord passes a note from their mysterious contact,  who guides them to that days paper. And reports of children having bad sleep and psychological issues. The team find two points of investigation. First jaspa and a shape shifted John enter the school under the guise of finding a placement. Finding a tall, gaunt, scary math teacher named Mr kuro the team immediately get suspicion. Barry and gabe go to the block of flats where the reports originated. Finding the flats a focus point of arcane energy, Barry perceives a path through conventional space travelled by non dimensional beings.

Once together, with John now working undercover as a Janitor at the school,  the remaining team went to the magical speakeasy to gather more information from akane. She asks to group to pick up a stash from a old friend, the wizard koji. The group experience bizarre bends in time and space, and tremendous feats of magic. He informs the group that they are dealing with a baku, a normally benign dream eating creature.

Meanwhile, John investigates the school, finding the math class and discovering a antique metronome which appears to acting as a magnet or siphon of the emotion of fear. Eventually the group behind to research both the teacher and the metronome, which belonged to a classical composer who subsequently went insane and died under mysterious circumstances. Kuro had no previous issues in his previous employment.

Though tensions still rise in the group, they secure entry to one of the flats and conduct a ritual to chase the baku into the dreamscape. The group find themselves moving through 1950’s Americana, a star trek style dream, a horror movie scenario....before forcing the baku into neutral ground via magic. It forces the group through their worst nightmares. After a long battle the baku is slain and the group regrouped at the local non magic library.

The group discover that agent Ross is still following and watching the group, but they evade him and solve the mystery. Kuro was given the metronome a month before anonymously. Its properties and magic corrupting the baku and turning it into a wild beast.  In truth he was not malicious in any real way, just a victim of poor fortune.

Back at the office, the group expect a visit from Ross, but instead encounter a mysterious woman who flees into a nearby office.


Just who is the mysterious woman? Will new allies provide useful help? Can the group stand against raw power? Are they the ONLY group of supernatural researchers.

Find out next time. On M.O.T.W Drakewood episode 3 – broken bones and broken spirits.