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Monster of the week party diary 1

MOTW : Drakewood episode 1 – Shadows of the past.

Drakewood, a town full of dark secrets and mysterious events, in this town lies of club of supernatural investigators.  “John doe” an amnesiac being of demonic lineage with desire to bring fear, working for his own needs. “Jaspa” a homeless drug attic with great power and a prophetic knack for drawing and writing in a old notebook. And “gabe” a celestial being given mortal form to protect and guide the team to greatness.

Upon receiving several mysterious post it notes, and with a guiding drawing from jaspa, the team learn a death will occur in a alley in town. After investigating and learning of the area, the team go back to base and find a new note. Telling them to go to the woods at 9:37 pm. Suspicious, the team, with the aid of jaspas sense of impending danger, arrive just in time to see a shadowy being drop a body to the floor.

After a ineffective fight, attempts are made to trap the entity, but this draws mysterious attention for otherworldly beings. The entity is temporarily banished and the team regroup at base. Another mysterious note gives buzzard instructions to find a hidden location.

Following this lead, the group find the “wayfairing stranger” a speakeasy bar for the local supernatural community. They meet and deal with the boss, the connected and mysterious akane, who offers help in exchange for a small job. One hour, on injured kappa, and one repaid bar debt later akane identifies the monster as a nobiagari a vengeful ghost, and provides a weapon for the group, a veil steel dagger.

Tensions rise in the group as jaspa struggles with addiction, and John and gabe clash over their instead differences. The group researches the location involved, the long abandoned tin mine, and the families that were connected, determining the first victim to be an ancestor.

Investigating the mine, the group release the soul of a worker who died long ago in an accident. Pressing further in, a hundred years old diary of one “David mycroft” telling of poor conditions and risky mining, leading to a collapse and his slow death due to starvation, cursing the owners of their kind and bidding love to his wife.

Escaping several more spirits, the group conduct a ritual to summon and trap mycroft. Succeeding utterly and using light and magic alcohol to destroy it, ritually burying the remains.  The team perform more ritual, around more heated argument, to find any other people involved. Perfectly performing magic, the team track a male back to his home.

After mild intrusion . the team enter the home of an ancestor of mycroft, and practitioner of basic magical arts. And John uses newly awakened shapeshifting powers to terrify the boy, revealing his nature as a demon. Gabe revealing his own angelic form to put an end to it.

Monster defeated, mystery solved,  and more questions than answers. Can this team stay together for the greater good? Which mysterious conspiracy theorist nutcase is providing such useful clues? Is there a monster under YOUR bed?

All this and more in MOTW : drakewood , episode 2 -what lies in sleep.