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Monster of the week Finale

Monster of the week – Drakewood : Finale

John doe has vanished without a trace. As jaspa relieves a vision of a murder in an innocuous looking living room, Smith relieves a vision of himself on fire. The hunters decide to magically lock the library door to both doe and the orpheus agents just in case. After a brief discussion the group goes to visit Tanya who shoes the local paper, the headline of a government official murdered in the council offices will be the lead they need to follow.

They visit the council building, jaspa, high on hallucinogens, agrees to cause a distraction while gabe infiltrates to make later visits easier. Though jaspa is escorted out, gabe succeeds in setting a less ideal location for teleportation. Outside, Smith succeeds in distracting the security and a the group get away.

Entering at night, Barry uses magic to observe the crime scene, he gathers a number of clues including documents regarding a new road to be built in a few years. Jaspa stumbles across black fur in the door way. Jaspa then tunes into the monsters mind, learning valuable information and narrowing the next target to one of two women. The group split up to cover all angles.

Barry and gabe arrive at the home where Barry senses the monster arrive, so they rush in. Through a bit of panic, they fail to prevent the woman from being killed in her living room, though Barry hits the monster with too much fire, catching the house aflame. Gabe rescues the woman’s husband from the house, the group meet up there, then flees.

At the speakeasy, jaspa raises suspicions to akane, and by tuning into her, confirms a connection between her and the monster. By visiting koji, the group learn that another kitsune is to blame. A ten tailed tenko called jina who is akanes ex, which set up the speakeasy with her. Koji agrees to leave a message through time to help defeat jina.The message informs the team of a sealing vase that van trap the near godlike tenko, and through visions and tuning deduce the next victim and the location. The team decided to kidnap the man before he can be targeted.

The team decided to get hold of weapons, talking to the monk, ren, and exchanging a book for several suitable weapons. Gabe then returns to the warehouse, persuading alphonse, the crime boss, to lend his imp companion. And then successfully teleported himself and Barry into a moving car.They track down the vase to the western museum, and organise a break in, taking the kidnapped victim with them. They set up and soon the tenko arrives. Burning Smith to bring his vision about. The fight is hard fought. The team struggle against powerful fire, but through enduring, Barrys new magic restraints, and tactical thinking, she is sealed in the vase.

Orpheus arrive and Barry and jaspa teleport away, jaspa ending up lost in the Bahamas briefly. Gabe tricks the agents into a wild goose chase before leaving. Jaspa decides to give the vase to akane, who takes it somewhere secret. When the team arrive to tell Tanya, they find her gone, having left drakewood for being to risky.

Gabe : having succeeded his mission, retires to heaven with a promotion.                                            Barry : retires,  going to study magic with koji without worrying about monsters.                              Jaspa : stays active in Drakewood as a supporter, contacts Tanya in London for a team up.             Smith : stays active in Drakewood, training as a chosen one with Alex and Jennifer.

John doe cashed In his favors and was set up in a spooky location, allowed to draw in and terrify locals for generations, returning to his full power and not having to worry about being hunted unless he resorts to killing.