Games Club from 30/09/2018

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Event Details

This event finished on 04 November 2018

The games that are running for this 6 week run are:

D&D 5E (GM: Mick)

  1. Philippa
  2. Colin B
  3. Matt B
  4. Paul
  5. Edward
  6. Andy

Pathfinder (GM: Tiddy)

  1. David P
  2. Craig
  3. David R
  4. Sam
  5. Lewis
  6. Jakub

D&D 5E (GM: Joe)

  1. Josh
  2. Owen
  3. Beth
  4. Little Mike
  5. – Spare –
  6. – Spare –

Mutants & Masterminds (GM: Eliot)

  1. Steve
  2. Jamie
  3. Robbie
  4. Mitch
  5. – Spare –
  6. – Spare –

Only War (GM: John)

  1. Mikey
  2. Colin H
  3. Josh G
  4. Jeremy
  5. Joel
  6. Mike

Whilst there is a 6 player limit set on the games, this is a soft limit and can be exceeded in some circumstances we would recommend having less players and more gaming groups.

Please discuss in the forums or in Discord regarding participation / character creation and anything else to game.

Next Sessions (commencing 11th November)

The following games are most likely be scheduled for the next session beginning 11th November and run until Christmas:

  • Pathfinder – Rise of the Runelords (GM: Mick).  This is a continuation game and is thought to be full.
  • Cthulhu – Invicitus (GM: Gerry).  This is a new game based during the Roman times.
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