Games Club from 27/05/2018

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Event Details

This event finished on 01 July 2018

The games that are running over the next 6 weeks are:

D&D 3.5E – Spider Queen (GM: Mick) – ?/6 players

D&D 5E – Lost Mines of Phandelver (GM:Colin) – 5/6 players

D&D 5E – Middle Earth (GM:Joel) – 5/6 players

Monster of the Week (GM:Jamie) – 3/6 players

Maid (GM: Philipa) – 6/6 players FULL

Whilst there is a 6 player limit set on the games, this is a soft limit and can be exceeded we would recommend having less players and more gaming groups.

Please discuss in the forums regarding participation / character creation and anything else to games.